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Talk to one of our guests, and they’ll tell you that one of best things about staying at Home Suite Home is the local’s guide on where to dine, find the best coffee, take an early morning run, catch a play, or enjoy a nightcap. With a personal referral from Francois or Petr, you’ll often find yourself getting extra special treatment.

Here’s a few of the places we love:

La Cigale – Delightful French cuisine served in a casual, friendly atmosphere — it doesn’t get more delicious than this.

The Stanley Theatre – a cultural landmark on South Granville within walking distance of our main guest house. The best place to see a live theatre and soak up the local charm.

Festival Cinemas – Just minutes on foot from our vacation rental house, each of these cinemas specializes in historical, art house and independent films. The perfect evening treat, whether rain or shine.


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